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Start ADMA measurement

Basically, there are 4 possibilities to start a measurement:
• Webinterface menu 6️⃣ LOAD/SAVE/START command Start measurement.
• the main menu’s item Remote Start in ADMA System Software
• via the Autostart mode
• a user specific tool (CAN, COM or Ethernet command)

Start measurement via Webinterface / System Software

Before starting a measurement please enter the start course and the pre-alignment. For further information about these two parameters look up the Ariclte Initialization procedure.

Autostart mode

The setting Autostart can be enabled in configurations dialog 1️⃣ BEHAVIOUR. If Autostart is activated, the ADMA automatically starts data acquisition after power on. Depending on your choice in configurations dialog Interface, data will be transmitted via CAN, Ethernet or COM interface.

Note: The ADMA in Autostart mode takes a minimum of 15 seconds to switch to pre-alignment or measuring mode. During this time, the internal GNSS-Receiver is booting up and therefore configuration is not possible.

Start a measurement via a user specific tool

Data acquisition can also be started via a user specific tool. The interface protocol for the COM, CAN and Ethernet interface is available at the article Start measurement via command (Verlinkung TBD).
The command message sequence of CAN remote start can be found in the Technical Documentation.

Note: At 8️⃣ Load/Save/Start it is possible to check if the ADMA measurement is already started via Measurement mode active value.

Webinterface: 8️⃣ Load/Save/Start

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