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Receiver settings

At the menu item 5️⃣ AUX SYSTEM \ Used Receiver type the receiver to be used can be configured. The following selection options are available depending on the used hardware version:
• None (IMU mode)
• Internal GNSS-Receiver (GNSS/INS mode)
• External IPS (Indoor Positioning System)

Note: The change of the receiver hardware requires a power reset.

IMU mode – ADMA at stand-alone operating mode

If the ADMA is operated in the stand-alone mode (IMU mode), i.e. without an external speed measurement system or DGNSS, only brief measurements are feasible. This is due to the systemic drift behaviour of the attitude and position data obtained through inertial measurement. The attitude and position drifts gradually and have linear and quadratic characteristics respectively.
Therefore in this operating mode, it is advisable to conduct measurements requiring only attitude and data such as rotational speed and acceleration transformed with respect to the horizon for later analysis. Accurate position measurement cannot be expected as time progresses.

Internal GNSS-Receiver – ADMA at GNSS/INS mode

GNSS/INS Mode, default work mode with highly precise Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) corrected by GNSS receiver information blended in the Kalman filter.

External IPS – ADMA with Indoor Positioning System

This setting is used when the ADMA is operated in combination with the Indoor Positioning System (IPS). With the IPS, driving tests and crash tests of new sensor systems and safety functions can be tested in indoor test facilities under constant ambient conditions.

The radar-based locating system is based on the functional principle of measuring the transit time of radio signals between transponders (on objects such as vehicles, GVTs, etc.) and base stations. The object positions are calculated out of the individual signal propagation times in the control station. These are available for further processing in real time. With this method position accuracies of up to +/-3 cm can be achieved.

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