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Steering and driving robot data output

Wiring ADMA and Steering, driving robot

The following diagram shows an example wiring of the ADMA and steering robot.

Setup and configuration for ABD/Vehico-steering and driving robots

You can activate the data output by checking the steering and driving robot output in the configuration dialog 3️⃣ Data.
Select the protocol version of the used robot to ABD or Vehico from the drop-down list. The sampling rate of the ADMA defines the maximum update frequency of the robot data. Only integral multiples of the ADMA sampling rate are possible.
In addition, all needed configurations for the Ethernet interface are pre-configured for the communication with the robot. The default addresses are listed below. The Ethernet interface and IP addresses can be changed if required.
The origin of the robot data can be configured to one of the defined POI’s (Point of Interest). The POI’s can be configured at 6️⃣ Parameters.

Default IP address settings on ADMA Ethernet-2 interface and steering, driving robot data output.

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