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Determine Standstill detection parameters

Automatic determination of the max rate threshold

The threshold values for maximum rate at standstill can be determined automatically using the Auto Setup function. The threshold value of the maximum velocity at standstill must be defined by the user.

Make sure that during the Auto Setup period:
• The vehicle is at standstill .
• The vehicle engine is running.
• The vehicle is not exposed to vibrations.
• The ADMA has valid GNSS conditions.
• For automatic gearboxes, we recommend mode D or S.

Warning: This command will cause a stop of the ADMA measurement mode!

Manual determination of the standstill thresholds

Standstill detection (Standstill bit) must be “1” with the engine running at vehicle standstill.
To determine the maximum rate at standstill, the horizontal rates of the vehicle must be considered at standstill, with the engine running.

The measured maximum value of the horizontal rate in this example is 0,9 deg/s, thus the setting for „Max. rate at standstill“ might be set to 9 → 0,9 [deg/s] / 0,1, as the unit of this setting is [0,1*deg/s].
But for reliable and stable standstill conditions, we recommend the setting to be 110 % of the measured maximum turn rate, hence allowing for 10% security of the setting.
Our example then results in a maximum setting of „Max. rate at standstill“ of

9 [0,1*deg/s] * 1.1 ≈ 10 [0,1*deg/s].
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