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ADMA Webinterface

The ADMA provides options for certain user-specific and operational settings / configurations. On application of the supply voltage, the system runs through an initialization phase which ends in standby mode. Then the available settings and configuration parameters of the ADMA can be modified via Webinterface

Screenshot of ADMA Webinterface

These settings include:
• Interface parameters for data transmission (CAN / COM / Ethernet)
• Transmission rate for the CAN interface
• CAN identifier type (standard / extended) and initial ID in the address space
• Sampling rate (50 up to 400 Hz) or (50 up to 1000 Hz) depending on ADMA system type
• Data to be transmitted
• Coordinate system
• Pre-alignment setting
• Enabling of DIO signals such as system clock and error-out
• GNSS details
• Details on external speed signals
• Values for compensating misalignments of the ADMA
• Values for compensating of mounting positions of the ADMA and GNSS antenna
• Lever arm values for point of interest calculations

The configuration of the ADMA can be saved to and loaded from file, thus permitting a storage and reuse of various measurement configurations in separate files.

Recommended web browsers:
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Google Chrome
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