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The Signal OUT Ports of the ADMA can be used as Digital output. The following functions can be configured via Webinterface for Signal Out Port:
• Synchronization output to indicate the ADMA’s sampling time point, thus allowing simple synchronization with peripheral measurement systems which can be triggered externally.
• Frequency output of 1 Hz up to 100 kHz to assist synchronization.
• Status output to indicate a hardware error or status information.
• GNSS-PPS (puls per second) signal.
• Distance output to generate a distance pulse. This is useful for interfacing various electronic devices which do not have a conventional signal available.

Configuration options

Sync OutFrequency Edge (Falling / Rising)
Frequency pulse width (125µs to 1 msec)
Frequency OutFrequency (1,10,50,100,200,250,400,500,1k,2k,4k,8k,10k,20k,50k,100k Hz)
Frequency Edge (Falling / Rising)
Frequency pulse width (125 µs to 1 ms)
Status OutStatus Polarity Active (High / Low)
Status Type (Error)
GNSS PPS OutFrequency Edge (Falling / Rising)
Frequency pulse width (125 µs to 1 msec)
Distance OutPulses Distance Travelled (1 cm/pulse to 100 cm/pulse)
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