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Test manoeuvres and operating configurations

A practical operating configuration takes into account the data required for measurement runs as well as the necessary effort for technical preparations. If accurate position data are desired, for instance, the ADMA-DGNSS mode needs to be selected and related set-up tasks need to be performed. For manoeuvres involving brief measurements, however, the ADMA with Correvit (or similar system) is sufficient.

The table below shows sample operating configurations:

ManoeuvreMeasuring timeADMAExternal V(D)GNSS
(Quasi) constant circular travel>5 min.🔵🔵
Response to changes in load3-5 min.🔵🔵
ISO track change3-5 min.🔵
Variations in side wind1 min.🔵🔵
Deviations off heading10 min.🔵🔵
Load spectrum30 min.🔵🔵
Pivoting1 min.🔵
Continuous sine2 min.🔵🔵
Braking and acceleration1 min.🔵
Tests without GNSS outage probabilityunlimited🔵🔵
Tests with GNSS outage probability higherunlimited🔵🔵🔵
⚪ optional, higher accuracy
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