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POI-transformed ADMA data

In many cases it is necessary to output measurement data in a specific point of the car like the center of gravity for example. In most of the cases, it is not possible to mount the ADMA with the measurement center in exact this location. That’s why a defined subset of data can be transformed from the ADMA origin to a POI (Point of Interest), even though this requires acceptance of less precision of the transformed data because of the lever arms.

If a POI lever arm is defined, the following data packets are output in the defined POI:
• Inverse Path Radius
• Side Slip Angle
• Distance Travelled
• Inertial Pos Height
• Inertial Position absolute
• Inertial Position relative
• Inertial Velocity (horizontal)
• Acceleration (body and horizontal)

Applikationsingenieur | bei GeneSys seit 2014

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