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Whitepaper – LatDev

Real-time calculation of the lateral deviation

The Add-On Lateral Deviation (short: LATDEV) is used to
test and validate Lane Departure Warning (LDW/LSS)
systems. It calculates in real-time the distance to two
predefined straight lines, a fixed object, the angle to the
straight lines, the lateral speed and acceleration in
relation to three user-defined POIs (Point of Interests).


The LatDev function is useful for testing and validating technologies in the vehicle such as radar, laser or
camera systems. These technologies are used in cars and trucks, e.g. in lane departure warning systems.
The lane departure warning system (LDW) – or lane support systems – warns the driver of a vehicle that it
is about to leave its lane on a road or actively intervenes to keep the vehicle on track.
For this purpose, various optical systems and computers are used to determine the position of the vehicle
within the lane. The system warns when the distance to the lane marking is undershot (Distance to Line
Crossing criterion (DLC)) and can predict this undershooting with the help of the Time to Line Crossing
criterion (TLC).
One of the templates for the specification of the LatDev function is the EURO NCAP test protocol – LSS
(Lane Support Systems). Euro NCAP | Protocols

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