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Whitepaper – Brake Distance Measurement

The Challenge#

To provide the most secure and shortest braking distance when it comes to emergency traffic situations, OEM and TIER1 intensively develop braking systems. However, the technical possibilities for braking distance optimization are increasingly exhausted, so it is necessary to determine braking distances with high precision and reproducibility.
Therefore the braking measurement system got the following requirements:
• Reliable, accurate and easy usable measurement data
• Compensation of the vehicle pitch during braking process
• Easy and quick installation
• Drift compensation at standstill
• Conforming to standards and norms

Braking measurement methods#

The braking measurement system has to be really flexible to fit all kind of standards, like ECE R90, 13H or FMVSS135. Therefore, the Addon Braking supports a wide range of configuration possibilities that contain externally triggered braking, velocity triggered braking and fading braking according to DIN70028.

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