Vehicle-in-the-Loop with ADMA:

Advanced driver assistance systems are becoming increasingly widespread and simultaneously used in more complex driving situations. Our ADMA-G devices support the use of various VIL applications in combination with IPG Automotive’s simulation solutions.

ADMA-G-PRO+ in VIL System
How can you achieve the best system integration for your virtual test drive?
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Advantages of Virtual Testing

Vehicle-in-the-Loop testing bridges the gap between simulated and actual physical tests through the use of a virtual environment that is synchronized and integrated with a physical vehicle.

Tests can be performed within a streamlined and efficient track environment and data can be collected from different virtual scenarios under real road conditions. Vehicle-in-the-Loop with ADMA allows for flexible and safe testing without elaborate set-up. The productivity of test stations and measuring devices can thus be scaled and optimized considerably.

  • Testing and validation of autonomous driving functions (e.g. parking assistant)
  • Virtual driving tests with real test cars
  • Route data generation / Road Load Data generation for CarMaker

Our Vehicle-In-the-Loop experts Tyler Johnson and Laurent Chalard are happy to advise you

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