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ADMA-Slim mini GNSS/inertial navigation system: If size and weight matters

The new full-fledged ADMA-Slim GNSS/inertial navigation system has been specially developed for applications with space or weight restrictions. It is smaller, lighter and more compact, without limitations in functionality or quality of measurement data. The inertial reference system ADMA-Slim is the perfect choice for applications in motorcycles, overrunnable platforms for GSTs (Guided Soft Targets) or VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users such as pedestrians or cyclists), for example. 



One of the key advantages of the ADMA is its excellent suitability for installation on overrunable platforms. Unlike many other inertial devices, the ADMA does not require a lengthy initialization process. The stability of the Kalman filter guarantees reliable results without the need for reinitialization even after an overrun of the platform.

Additionally, the ADMA inertial navigation system is also suitable for all other testing applications, such as VD (vehicle dynamics) or ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) testing. Its robust design and stable performance make it a versatile tool for various testing scenarios.

Shows a short overview of the most important technical data of the ADMA-Slim. 
Position, velocity, heading, roll and pitch accuracy are mentioned.

Technical data for ADMA-Slim can be found in the table below or in the data sheet.


  • Fullfledged GNSS/inertial system with proven ADMA technology
  • Extremly small, lightweight and convenient size
  • Measuring of vehicle movements in all three measuring axes, even with GPS outage
  • Robust MEMS inertial sensors in strapdown technology with 5, 10 or 15 g
  • Improved satellite reception via Multi-GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU)
  • Also as Dual Antenna version available
  • Mounting with high power magnets possible
  • Direct attachment of the GPS antenna to the inertial sensor technology possible
  • Available in a waterproof housing or as unhoused version for OEMs
  • Compatible with all common overrunnable platforms
  • Optional extendable, e.g. with RTK or DELTA option
[09:52] Tobias Wagner
Standard-Version mit 7 LEMO-Steckern in einem wasserdichten Aluminium-Gehäuse und Einzel-Stecker-Version mit MIL-Stecker in einem wasserdichten Aluminium-Gehäuse und OEM-Version ohne Gehäuse

ADMA-Slim inertial reference system is available in three different versions

  • Standard version with 7 LEMO connectors in a waterproof housing
  • Single connector version with MIL connector in a waterproof housing
  • Unhoused OEM version

ADMA-Slim is available either with an L1 GNSS receiver with SBAS and DGNSS correction data reception capability or with an L1/L2 GNSS receiver with RTK2 correction data reception capability, allowing for position accuracy down to the centimetre.

Technical data