ADMA GNSS/­Inertialsystem

ADMA-G: Pro+/ Eco+/ Eco for Automotive/Railway

ADMA-G: GNSS/Inertial System for vehicle dynamics testing ADMA stands for Automotive Dynamic Motion Analyzer. This acronym refers to our highly...

ADMA-Speed: Speed and Braking Distance Sensor

GNSS speed sensor optimized for brake tests
ADMA-Speed eliminates the known disadvantages of GNSS speed sensors
ADMA-Speed can be expanded to a full-fledged GNSS-aided inertial system
Validation of driver assistance systems e.g. ACC, FCW, AEB (VRU, Car2Car), LSS (LDW, LKA) Chassis adjustment

ADMA-Slim mini GNSS/inertial system

Full-featured GNSS/inertial system for applications with space or weight constraints
Delivers precise, smooth and consistent signals even when GNSS reception is poor
Validation of simulation modelsADAS Evaluation e.g. ACC, FCW, AEB (VRU, Car2Car), LSS (LDW, LKA)Chassis adjustment