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Indoor Positioning System VIPS

Accurate position detection without GNSS* in cooperation with Racelogic: With the VIPS (Indoor Positioning System), driving tests and crash tests with new sensor systems and safety functions can be tested in indoor facilities under constant ambient conditions.

VIPS works by utilising a network of stand-alone, battery powered beacons which communicate using ultrawideband (UWB). The beacons are placed around the perimeter of the operation area (eg floor plan of building or construction site), in known positions which have been manually surveyed using a handheld laser, Total Station or, if time is of the essence, a self-survey can also be performed. The accuracy of the known beacon positions directly corelates to the accuracy of the output measurement, allowing for flexibility in required accuracy verses set up time. The beacons are completely stand-alone, and the option of battery power makes deployment very rapid. A UWB receiver on the target object communicates with the beacons and uses trilateration to determine its position.

Together with Racelogic, a hardware was developed to link up the VIPS Rover to the GeneSys ADMA system. This allows the standardized ADMA data output with a positon accuracy which is equalent to operation with GNSS in RTK2 mode.

All Images by Racelogic. Seen here: VIPS Rover from Racelogic
Indoor Positioning System (IPS) - System Presentation
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Indoor Positioning System (IPS) - Performance Presentation
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Key Features

  • Zentimetergenaue Positionsbestimmung ohne GNSS*
  • 3D-Positions- und Lagemessung in Echtzeit mit bis zu 1kHz
  • Kompatibel mit bestehenden ADMA-Systemen**
  • Funktioniert gleichzeitig mit bis zu 5 Fahrzeugen
  • Kompatibel mit allen gängigen Lenkrobotersystemen
  • Portabel und einfach zu installieren, keine komplexen Einstellungen erforderlich

*Time Sync via GNSS
**depending on the hardware version


  • Durchgängige Crashversuche (mit Pre-Crash-Phase),
  • Validierung vorausschauender Fahrzeugsicherheitsfunktionen mit Kamera-/ Radar-/ Lidar-Sensoren etc.,
  • Crashversuche mit Gesamtfahrzeug und Komponenten,
  • Kooperative Fahrzeugsicherheitsfunktionen mit vernetzten Sensor-Systemen und Car2X,
  • ADAS- und Fahrdynamiktest in spezifischer Umgebung,
  • Park-Assist Test und Validierung in realer, geschlossener Umgebung und Parkhausversuche,
  • Reifenuntersuchungen

Technical Data

Up to 200 beacons can be installed on one site. They can either be surveyed using a handheld laser or Total Station for positional accuracy better than 2cm, or a self-survey can be carried out for positional accuracy between 5 cm to 10 cm. The beacons are completely stand-alone and can be battery powered, making the deployment very rapid.

Complete system (VIPS with ADMA)
Update rateUp to 1000 Hz
Position accuracy0,02 m RMS *
Velocity accuracy0,09 km/h RMS *
Angle measurement accuracyUp to 0,2° *
***Measured with ADMA-G-Pro+ compared to ADMA-G-Pro+ RTK2. The antennas are 2 m above the ground with unobstructed line of sight. Depending on ambient conditions; reflection on wall and objects influence measurement performance.
VIPS Rover & Beacon
Operating temperature-30°C to +60°C
IP RatingIP 67
Size per beacon124 mm diameter, 74.5 mm height
Weight per beacon350 g
Beacon power requirement6.5 – 30 V DC, 100 mA
Communication with ADMARS232
Minimum distance between beacons25 m to 50 m
Centre frequency3993.6 MHz / 6489.6 MHz
Bandwidth1331.2 MHz / 1081.6 MHz
Transmit power-41.3 dBm/MHz
Number of beaconsMin 6 (position and velocity) / Max 200
Number of roverMax 5