More than 25 years of experience and pioneering spirit in developing and manufacturing intelligent, customized sensor-systems

Individual, high-performance solutions - made in Germany

At GeneSys, mechanics, electronics, optics and software are continually adapted to each other. Our engineers combine GNSS and inertial measurement technology, tilt measurement, industrial image processing and laser technology for customized, high-performance solutions.

Our sensor systems are used for quality control in automated manufacturing, construction machinery and tunneling. Additionally, GeneSys has created ADMA, a measurement system for the automotive sector, that is now used worldwide.

Our employees are our most valuable asset

Get to know our friendly and dedicated team

The development of new sensor-systems and the application of new technologies is our driving passion. At GeneSys, we combine more than 25 years of practical experience and enthusiasm in sensor technology with a flat organization structure and efficient communication channels in our daily work. This allows us to respond very quickly to provide the right solutions. There is never a shortage of exciting projects and new ideas for us.

Continuous dialog with our customers also plays an essential role in serving and maintaining the high level of quality we have built up over the years. We are particularly proud of the first-class customer service and the strong service orientation of our employees.

Our management

Dr. Bertold Huber

Managing Director

David Huber

Managing Director

Managing Director

Dominic Huber

Technical Director

Laurent Chalard


Our story

A close link to the world of research is part of our corporate DNA

The team of six former employees of the Steinbeis Transfer Center at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg, who ventured into self-employment in 1996 has become a globally successful company. Today, the innovative Offenburg company is managed by Bertold and David Huber.

Being close to the world of research is still part of the company DNA today. In 1996, GeneSys entered the market with in-house solutions. It began with navigation solutions for tunnel boring machines. Its extremely precise measurement technology ensures that tunnel drills stay accurately on target. You can find out more about the history of GeneSys and important milestones in our timeline below.

Timeline: GeneSys Milestones

An insight into our history, products and developments over 25 years