ADMA Accessories


DGNSS Correction Data for High-Precision Positioning from RTK Network Provider or GPS Base Station With the NTRIP-DGNSS-Box 5, an ADMA...

DGNSS correction data

Precise altitude and position determination ADMA accessories provide reliable and highly accurate measurement data. Our GPS outdoor base station and...

Software and hardware integration solutions

Decoders, drivers, program libraries: Software integration solutions for the acquisition and evaluation of synchronous ADMA measurement data The Offenburg-based engineering...

Post-Processing Software ADMA-PP

Much higher position accuracy in general and eliminates jumps in position during partial or total GNSS shading (e.g. on emergence from a tunnel) RTK correction data can be fed in without interruption Additional features: Moving Base Add-On / Delta multi Add-On Improved flexibility and accuracy by combining the forward / backward navigation solution Save time: Retroactively change the ADMA configuration and fewer initialization steps Track analysis, Road mapping, GIS data acquisition, Precise altitude profiling, Power train optimization, Consumption optimization, Verification of simulation models, Underground and tunnel survey

Mounting accessories

Seat rail adapter with ADMA mounting plate
Installation support for ADMA plus data acquisition systems with a quick-installation mounting pole or on-seat adapter
Mounting plate with quick-installation mounting pole
RT-Strut with ADMA mounting bracket

GPS Outdoor Base Station

The GPS outdoor base station was developed specifically with vehicle dynamics measurements in mind. It generates DGNSS correction data for the mobile GNSS receiver and allows high-precision measurements with a position accuracy of up to 2 cm. New: Broadcast the GNSS correction data to all nodes in the WiFi network via Ethernet interface. Supports PoE (Power over Ethernet), allowing a WiFi system to be powered at the base station and connected to the existing network without an additional power supply. Durable & weather-proof


Waterproof and temperature resistant (-40°C to 70°C tested) Magnetic base and window pane mount for antenna attachment Omni Dual-Band Antenna | PoE Input Ethernet port 1 x 10/100/1000 Mbit | frequency band 5 GHz / 2.4 GHz Protocols 802.11 ac / 80211 b/g/n Input voltage 10 - 30 VDC | Power consumption 11 W max. Output power 1300 mW max. | Antenna gain 8 dBi / 6 dBi