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Meet the required level of accuracy for validation of advanced driver assistance systems and route measurement on public roads

Increasingly, the GeneSys ADMA system is used to validate Driver Assistance Systems as well as surveys on public roads. In order to meet the required accuracies, GeneSys has developed the ADMA-PP post processing software. ADMA-PP optimizes the recorded ADMA data by merging it with GNSS data after the acquisition.

ADMA-PP combines the inertial and GNSS data post-measurement, using identical online and offline algorithms – ensuring consistency on how data is handled. The core component of the software is a Kalman filter which optimizes the merging of GNSS and inertial data.

Additionally information received from auxiliary sensors like barometers or odometers may be added to the calculation.

Compared to the real-time solution which is also available, the offline calculation offers two distinct advantages:

1. The GNSS correction data can be easily downloaded from the Internet for the relevant measurement run. This reduces the time and effort required for installation when performing the measurement. By contrast, with the real-time solution, it is necessary to continuously supply the GNSS correction data via a radio or GPRS connection – which may not be available on public roads.

2. Secondly, ADMA-PP calculates the position both forward and reverse in the time-domain. This leads to considerably higher levels of accuracy compared to the real-time method. Signal data integrity is improved and much higher accuracies can be achieved in the event of GNSS signal drops or interference.

Signal optimization by merging ADMA inertial data, GNSS data and additional external information

Technical data and properties

  • Improved accuracy by combining the forward / backward navigation solution
  • Much higher position accuracy during total GNSS shading
  • Compensation of position steps after GNSS reentry (e.g. on emergence from a tunnel)
  • Increased DGNSS positional accuracy
  • Easiest possible operation with the help of a configuration wizard
  • Customization and functional extension via a plug-in interface


  • Track analysis
  • Road mapping
  • GIS data acquisition
  • Precise altitude profiling
  • Power train optimization
  • Consumption optimization
  • Verification of simulation models
  • Underground and tunnel survey

Add-On Moving Base: Relative distance calculation via post processing

In particular for applications on public roads, the use of online RTK2 correction data via NTRIP in real-time could be expensive, unreliable or even impossible. In this case, the use of a fixed base station is unsuitable. The GeneSys Moving Base Add-On allows distance calculations in post processing between two or more vehicles with a relative position accuracy of +/-2cm – without the need of online or offline RTK correction data.

The accuracy is achieved by combining the pseudo range-, carrier phase- and doppler- measurements of the Hunter and Target-ADMA. Post processing requires an ADMA-Raw-Data log only.

One more benefit of post-processing is that it eliminates the need for a radio link between the participants. This reduces setup efforts, and saves time. On top of that, the system eliminates data loss due to disconnections.

Add-On Delta Multi

  • Enables distance calculation to any number of objects with a relative position accuracy of 1 cm (1 sigma)
  • Requirement: A highly accurate, absolute position solution 1 cm (1 sigma) of all objects is available.
  • This is accomplished through the use of previously recorded ADMA measurement data (ADMAnet) of each object with online RTK correction data.