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Precise altitude and position determination

ADMA accessories provide reliable and highly accurate measurement data. Our GPS Outdoor Base Station and NTRIP-DPGS-Box 4 considerably improve position accuracy, while allowing for more flexibility and sharing of correction data via Ethernet – e.g. in swarm tests.

GPS Outdoor Base Station

The GPS Outdoor Base Station provides RTK2 DGNSS correction data for our ADMA sensor system (Automotive Dynamic Motion Analyzer) and many other mobile GNSS receivers. The outdoor base has stood the test in mobile, outdoor applications: Data is transmitted via an RF modem, Ethernet/WIFI or optionally via up to two internal GPRS modems. Accuracy of position data: to within 2 cm, within a radius of < 5 km.


The NTRIP-DGNSS-Box 5 receives DGNSS RTK2 correction data from stationary GPS receivers or RTK network providers like SAPOS and AXIO-NET, SmartNet, or TopNET. It can be connected to all ADMA models. With the RTK2 license activated, the system provides position data, with centimeter accuracy within the RTK-Network, in real-time.