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ADAS target platforms, ADAS targets, driving and steering robots, VRU targets: Autonomous road users with centimeter-precise navigation

Target platforms act as Target Vehicles (EVT) and Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) in test scenarios. These scenarios cover a lot of different sectors. The most common application is vehicle validation on Euro NCAP, NHTSA or IIHS standards. The ADMA is integrated in the Target platforms and feeds the control unit with high precision positioning and orientation data. With these data, the control unit is able to maneuver the platform reliably and consistently for repeatable vehicle tests.

Steering and Driving robots are increasingly used for ADAS and durability testing. The ADMA provides precise position and orientation data that enables the robot to drive autonomous with centimetre accuracy. With this combination it is even possible to let vehicles drive durability tests autonomously, repeatable and effortlessly without any initialization procedure.

The ADMA is integrated at all leading robot and target platform manufacturers as shown in the graphic below.