DGPS-Correction Data


DGNSS Correction Data for High-Precision Positioning from RTK Network Provider or GPS Base Station With the NTRIP-DGNSS-Box 5, an ADMA...

DGNSS correction data

Precise altitude and position determination ADMA accessories provide reliable and highly accurate measurement data. Our GPS outdoor base station and...

GPS Outdoor Base Station

The GPS outdoor base station was developed specifically with vehicle dynamics measurements in mind. It generates DGNSS correction data for the mobile GNSS receiver and allows high-precision measurements with a position accuracy of up to 2 cm. New: Broadcast the GNSS correction data to all nodes in the WiFi network via Ethernet interface. Supports PoE (Power over Ethernet), allowing a WiFi system to be powered at the base station and connected to the existing network without an additional power supply. Durable & weather-proof