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Validation of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems):

The decisive factor in ADAS test systems (Advanced driver assistance systems) is the precise and synchronous recording of the positions of all vehicles, objects and persons involved as well as their relative movement to each other.

  • Our ADMA system was developed specifically for the evaluation of driver assistance systems
  • GeneSys solutions offers you easy handling and highest accuracy
  • Meet all requirements of international test standards EURO NCAP and NHTSA
Graphic: Cars, pedestrians and bicycles, all equipped with ADMA systems and traveling in different directions, meet at a junction. The ADMA systems record the positions and movements of all (Validation of ADAS). Grafik: Autos, Fußgänger und Fahrrad, alle ausgestattet mit ADMA-Systemen und unterwegs in verschiedene Richtungen, treffen an einer Kreuzung aufeinander. Die ADMA-Systeme erfassen die Positionen und die Bewegungen.
ADAS Swarm Testing - Precision with ADMA, the GNSS Inertial Navigation System
ADMA-G-Pro+ delivers highly accurate data even with severe GNSS interference

Solutions for ADAS Testing

Our various ADMA variants, ADMA-Options, Add-ons, and matching accessories give you the flexibility to put together the perfect system for your requirements.

  • Activate additional functions at any time, retroactively and without changing the hardware
  • Versatility, flexibility, and user-friendly operation
  • You can configure ADMA devices yourself quickly and easily in the web browser. Thanks to the fastest initialization in its category, the ADMA is ready for operation in just a few minutes
User Advantages
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Pre-configured, sophisticated and tested system
  • Uncomplicated, quick installation in vehicles
  • All data of all vehicles conveniently available online at a single glance
  • Reproducible driving maneuvers using online driver guidance
  • Online 3D distance measurement between moving objects (vehicles, pedestrians) and fixed objects (lane, obstacles)
  • Suitable for pedestrian tracking
  • Data security by in-situ quality assurance
  • Time saving by automatic reporting
  • No synchronization of data required

Validation of ADAS: complete solutions

Together with our partners we have developed complete solutions for ADAS tests (Advanced driver assistance systems) for our customers. The synchronous acquisition of all relevant data allows you to evaluate driver assistance systems easily, quickly, and precisely.

3rd Party Toolings
The ADAS complete solutions for simple, fast and precise evaluation of driver assistance systems

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