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GNSS-Receiver – Firmware Update via Ethernet

In addition to the ADMA firmware, the GNSS receiver firmware should also be kept up to date. To update the internal GNSS Receiver via Ethernet the following components are needed:

• ADMA Power cable
• ADMA Ethernet cable
• Current GNSS- Receiver firmware and corresponding firmware downloader software (located in the GeneSys Software Suite)

Please see the following step by step instruction for GNSS receiver update.

Note: A firmware update via Ethernet is only possible at ADMA-G systems. For ADMA-Slim and ADMA-Speed please refer to this article.

Step 1: Wiring

Power up the ADMA and connect the PC to the ADMA Ethernet 3 interface.

Step 2: Setup and Connection to GNSS Receiver

The following settings must be done via ADMA Webinterface:

Note: We always recommend to download the current configuration before resetting the system to default.

• Open the IP address of the Ethernet 3 interface in the web browser (Default:
• Open the GNSS Receiver Settings

• Open the GNSS Receiver update menu

• Select the GNSS Receiver firmware file to upload and press Upload

• The Firmware Update will now be in progress. This might take a few minutes.

Warning: Do not disconnect the link between ADMA and PC or power supply during the Firmware Update!

• When the Firmware Update is finished, power or soft reset the ADMA to complete the Firmware Update.
• To check the successful Firmware Update, connect to the ADMA Webinterface. Start Measurement and check GNSS receiver Information / Firmware Version at SYSTEM.

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