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GNSS-Receiver – Firmware Update

In addition to the ADMA firmware, the GNSS receiver firmware should also be kept up to date. To update the internal GNSS Receiver the following components are needed:

• Computer with a serial interface or a USB to RS232 adapter
• ADMA Power cable
• ADMA Ethernet cable
• ADMA AUX cable or ADMA GNSS CFG cable
• Current GNSS- Receiver firmware and corresponding firmware downloader software (located in the GeneSys Software Suite)

Please see the following step by step instruction for GNSS receiver update:

Step 1: Wiring#

To be able to access the GNSS receiver connect the provided ADMA Modem to SubD9-Cable (ADMA-G and ADMA-Speed) or ADMA AUX to SubD9-Cable (ADMA-G only) with the serial interface of your computer.

Figure 1: Wiring diagram for GNSS-Receiver Firmware Update

Step 2: Setup and Configuration#

The following settings must be done via ADMA Webinterface:

1️⃣ BEHAVIOUR: Autostart off

2️⃣ DATA LINK: Modem Port or Aux Port Baudrate 115200 baud

5️⃣ AUX SYSTEM: DGNSS Preset off

Step 3: Firmware Update#

Unzip the firmware update files and start the application WinLoad, which is located in the unzipped folder.

• Unzip
• Start WinLoad

Figure 2: Novatel WinLoad

Note: Always use the WinLoad application contained in the *.ZIP file!

Go to Settings / COM Settings… Select the used COM Port on your computer and enter the baud rate as shown in the following image:

Figure 3: Novatel WinLoad COM Port Setup

Open the **RN000.SHEX file via file menu File / Open Script File...

Figure 4: Novatel WinLoad open *.SHEX file

Click on the button Write Flash (1).

Figure 5: Novatel WinLoad start Write Flash

As soon as the dialog box on the display shows "Searching for card ... timeout in: 30 secs" (2), press the Button "Send Command" (Reset GNSS Receiver for Firmware Update) at SYSTEM in the ADMA Webinterface .

Figure 6: ADMA Webinterface: SYSTEM

The Firmware Update will now be in progress. This might take a few minutes.

Figure 7: Novatel WinLoad downloading

Warning: Do not disconnect the link between ADMA and computer or power supply during the Firmware Update!

When the Firmware Update is finished, power reset the ADMA to complete the Firmware Update.

To check the successful Firmware Update, connect to the ADMA Webinterface. Start Measurement and open the menu SYSTEM, GNSS receiver Information, Firmware Version.

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