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Ethernet Correction Data – Add-In

Ethernet correction data can be used with an additional functionality (Add-In) of the ADMA.

Note: For being authorized receiving DGNSS correction data via ethernet a license is required.

Ethernet Correction data allow to receive correction data from an:

Option A: ADMA (see Add-In – Correction Data Forwarding) via WLAN

Shows a scheme containing 4 vehicles. In all of them an ADMA is installed. One of the ADMA's receives correction data from a modem and forwards them to all the other systems via WiFi.
Figure 1: ETH DGNSS Correction data forwarded via ADMA

Option B: GeneSys Base Station via WLAN

Shows a GNSS Base station that generates correction data and sends them via WiFi to multiple ADMA systems.
Figure 2: ETH DGNSS Correction data via GeneSys Base Station

ADMA wiring

The following diagram shows an example wiring of the ADMA.

Shows the to an ADMA connected devices and objects for receiving correction data via Ethernet.
Figure 3: Example wiring diagram of the ADMA

The following diagram shows an example wiring of the GeneSys Base Station.

Shows the Wiring for using a GNSS Base station and sending RTK corrections.
Figure 4: Example wiring diagram of the Base Station

Setup and configuration

Option A: Receiving correction data forwarded from another ADMA via WLAN see article Add-In – Correction Data Forwarding.

Option B: Receiving correction data form a GeneSys Base Station via WLAN.

The following diagram shows an example configuration of the Ethernet correction data from a GeneSys Base Station.

Shows a table with all relevant IP- and Port-Settings for a GNSS Base Setup in combination with ADMA systems.
Figure 5: Example of ADMA DGNSS correction data form GeneSys Base Station

1 The configuration of the IP address, port and data format is permanently configured in the Base Station

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