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What is ADMA PP?

More and more often, the GeneSys ADMA system is used to validate Driver Assistance Systems as well as surveys on public roads. In order to achieve required accuracies, GeneSys has developed the ADMA-PP post processing software.
ADMA-PP optimizes the recorded ADMA data by adding GNSS correction after the acquisition.

ADMA-PP combines the inertial and GNSS data post-measurement, using identical online and offline algorithms. The core component of the software is a Kalman filter which optimizes the merging of GNSS and inertial data. Additionally, information received from auxiliary sensors like odometers may be added to the calculation.

Compared to the real-time solution, which is also available, the offline calculation offers two distinct advantages.

Firstly, GNSS correction data can simply be downloaded for each respective mission. This facilitates installation when conducting the measurement. In contrast to post-processing, GNSS correction data must be consistently supplied during real-time driving measurements via radio or GPRS connection.
GNSS correction data reception may not be available on public roads.

• Improved accuracy by combining the forward / backward navigation solution
• Much higher position accuracy during total GNSS shading
• No jumps in position on GNSS recovery (e.g. on emergence from a tunnel)
• Increased DGNSS positioning accuracy
• Easiest possible operation with the help of a configuration wizard
• Customization and functional extension via a plug-in interface

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