Moving Base Add-On: Relative distance calculation via post processing

No need for online or offline RTK correction data. The accuracy is achieved by combining the pseudo range-, carrier phase- and doppler- measurements of the Hunter and Target-ADMA. Post processing requires an ADMA-Raw-Data log only. One more benefit of post-processing is that it eliminates the need for a radio link between the participants. This reduces setup efforts, and saves time. On top of that, the system eliminates data loss due to disconnections.

Post-Processing Software ADMA-PP

Much higher position accuracy in general and eliminates jumps in position during partial or total GNSS shading (e.g. on emergence from a tunnel) RTK correction data can be fed in without interruption Additional features: Moving Base Add-On / Delta multi Add-On Improved flexibility and accuracy by combining the forward / backward navigation solution Save time: Retroactively change the ADMA configuration and fewer initialization steps Track analysis, Road mapping, GIS data acquisition, Precise altitude profiling, Power train optimization, Consumption optimization, Verification of simulation models, Underground and tunnel survey