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Internal battery

The GNSS Base Station is delivered with an internal battery pack, which is capable of running up to 10 hours depending on the conditions. For charging the batteries, make sure to shut down the GNSS Base Station and connect the power cable between the GNSS Base Station and the delivered power supply. To reach a fully charged state it takes at least 5 hours.

The present charging state is indicated by the LED next to the supply socket.
? Battery is fully discharged.
? Battery is 80% charged.
? Battery is fully charged.

The battery state is indicated on the front of the case.

1. Battery is fully charged.
2. Battery’s normal operating range.
3. Battery is 70% discharged and should be recharged soon.
4. Battery is 80% discharged. The GNSS Base Station will soon switch off automatically to protect the battery from deep discharge.

If the battery of the GNSS Base Station will be charged during operation, the LED next to the supply socket and the battery state remains disabled. During operation, charging to 100% takes about 7 hours.

Do not expose the power supply to water.
Do not cover the power supply.
Do not use if the power supply is damaged.

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