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GPS Base Firmware Update

The components listed next are needed to download the firmware.
• PC with serial interface
• Programming cable GPS-BASE-CABLE-GPS-FIRMW-2M (white Lemo)
• Firmware downloader
• Latest firmware (available at

Checking the firmware version

The currently installed firmware can be checked by pressing the ESC key while the cursor is positioned over the Configuration item in the main menu.
Ensure that the firmware version you want to install is more recent than your present version.

Connecting the PC to the GNSS Base Station

Turn off the GNSS Base Station. Plug in the programming cable (white Lemo) into the GNSS Base Station’s COM connector and attach the cable’s other end to the PC’s RS232 interface. The PC interface must be assigned in the range between COM1 and COM9.

Firmware downloader

Unpack the firmware-downloader to a folder whose directory path contains no blanks.

After unpacking the firmware-downloader, start the file Firmwaredownloader.exe.

Enter the assigned COM port in the illustrated window, and click on the Load Firmware button. Select an update file which you have previously saved on your PC.

Confirm the selected file with Open. Turn on the GNSS Base Station and immediately click on the Start Download button on your PC’s firmware-downloader. This starts the update process for the firmware of the GNSS Base Station.

A window with a download progress bar opens. Once the download is completed, this window closes automatically. If the window does not open or the window shows the message below, the programming has been cancelled.

Please close this window and check whether
• there are blanks in the directory path. Then remove the blanks.
• the connection between the PC and GNSS Base Station is OK. If not, check the cabling.
• the correct COM port has been specified. If not, check your Windows hardware settings.
• the Service key on the GNSS Base Station has been actuated. If so, deactivate it.

Another possible cause of this error message might be the delayed operation of the Start Download button (later than 5 seconds after activating of the GNSS Base Station).

Restarting after firmware update

After performing a firmware update, switch off the GNSS Base Station, detach the programming cable from the COM port. The next time it is activated, the GNSS Base Station can be operated in the usual manner.

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