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This user manual is meant to assist commissioning of the GNSS Base Station. Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) operation provides centimeter-level accuracy by eliminating errors that are present in the GNSS system. For all RTK or DGNSS operations, you require both a rover receiver and a source of corrections from a GNSS Base Station or network of GNSS base stations.
The GNSS Base Station consists of a receiver which is placed at a known and fixed position. The receiver tracks the same satellites at the same time as the satellites are being tracked by the rover receiver (ADMA). The GNSS Base Station estimates position errors at the fixed and known location, thus a series of position corrections are computed. The messages are sent through a radio link to the rover receivers, where they are used to correct the real-time positions of the rover. The shorter the distance between the GNSS Base Station and the rover is, the higher will be the achievable accuracy.
While using correction data, the system measures the position relative to the GNSS Base Station, not absolute to the position on earth.

Correction Data Transmission

The GNSS Base Station comprises a GNSS receiver capable of calculating DGNSS correction data. These correction data are transferred via radio link to mobile GNSS receivers integrated into an ADMA. The radio modem is accessed and controlled by an integrated microcontroller. Depending on the kind of radio modems they will have a range of 2-5 km line-of-sight. Obstructions like hills, buildings or trees will limit the range that can be reached.

The frequency bands of the radio modems are not harmonized worldwide. In different countries, different regulations must be considered. The customer must check if the used radio modem requires a licence by a Federal Network Agency or if it can be used without license registration. GeneSys Electronik cannot be held responsible for using this equipment illegally without the correct radio license.
To get more information’s, please contact your distributer.

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