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ADMA PP with Offline DGNSS correction data

ADMA-PP can also be used to carry out DGNSS correction after the event.
Among other things, this is reasonable if
• no hardware is available for receiving DGNSS correction data during the measurement
• DGNSS correction data reception was not adequate during the measurement trip.
• position improvement is only required at a later point.

For the offline DGNSS correction a GNSS RAW Data log is required. These RAW data can be recorded via GeneSys GNSS-RAW-Data-Logger Software (Serial data) or via Ethernet Logger Software (Ethernet data).

Out of these RAW GNSS data log a so called RINEX data file can be downloaded form a correction data service. On server-side the RINEX data are archived for at least 30 days thus, you can carry out your analysis easily at a later date.

Applikationsingenieur | bei GeneSys seit 2014

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