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RINEX – ADMA Post Processing with offline correction data

ADMA PP can also be used to carry out DGNSS correction after the measurement event by using RINEX data (Receiver Independent Exchange Format). RINEX is a standard data format developed to facilitate the interchange of satellite navigation system data among different receivers. This format allows for the post-processing of captured data to determine precise locations, typically used in geodesy and navigation applications. RINEX files typically include information such as satellite positions, signal strength, and pseudoranges (the approximate distance from the receiver to the satellite).

Among other things, post processing with offline correction data is reasonable if:

  • no hardware is available for receiving DGNSS correction data during the measurement.
  • DGNSS correction data reception was not adequate during the measurement trip.
  • position improvement is only required at a later point.

For the RINEX correction data a GNSS RAW Data log is required. These RAW data can be recorded via GeneSys GNSS-RAW-Data-Logger Software (Serial data) or via Ethernet Logger Software (Ethernet data).

Out of these RAW GNSS data log a so called RINEX data file can be downloaded from several correction data service providers. On server-side the RINEX data are archived for at least 30 days thus, you can carry out your analysis easily at a later time.

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