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ADMA PP features and plug-ins

The ADMA PP is operated using a graphical user interface (GUI) and includes project settings and calculation configuration features.

The ADMA PP features include:

  • Calculating a navigation solution with the following options:
    • pure online measurement data (GNSS data as received during test run)
    • with offline GNSS correction data (possible increase in GNSS accuracy due to post-mission applied correction data)
    • with additional augmentation signals
  • Calculation of multiple navigation solutions („Batch mode“ – with identical settings)
  • If necessary, generation of virtual Base Station list for simplified GNSS correction data order process
  • Customization and additional features through plug-in interface

With using plug-ins through the following interfaces, the ADMA PP features can be extended:

  • Code execution before and/or after the entire post-processing calculation of a data file
  • Code execution before and/or after each individual post-processing calculation of a data sample
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