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Dual Antenna mounting

For dual antenna systems, the antennas should be located in relation to each other with a minimum distance of 50 cm and a maximum of 200 cm from one another. Make sure there is no angular misalignment to the centerline of the driving direction. Relative heading is computed with respect to the Primary antenna.
There is no special configuration necessary.

For best performance, it is necessary to mount the GNSS antenna(s) away from any object that may shadow the satellite signal. To reduce the influence of multipath, the antenna(s) should be mounted on a metal surface by using the magnetic mounts. We recommend to keep the system at least 30 cm away from glass surface or outer edges of the vehicle.

• It is important that both antennas are from GeneSys and of the same type. Using two different types of antenna may cause the solution to fail.
• ADMA Firmware Version must be equivalent to Version or higher.
• With Dual Antenna functionality, no GNSS Raw Data Logging via AUX Port is possible.

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