Full-INS firmware license option

This unlocks the ADMANet data output and makes it possible to use further options such as Addon-DELTA or Addon-Filter.

Add-On BRAKING: Real-time calculation of brake performance data according to international regulations

Enabling brake pedal triggered as well as velocity threshold triggered measurement, all relevant parameters, including mean deceleration, brake distance and trigger speed are provided. Both full brake and fading test are supported. BRAKING option is available for all ADMA models For ADMA-Speed it is included, even in the basic version

Option Dual-Ant: Two GNSS antennas option

The Dual-Ant option provides heading angle detection without initialization and control at very slow speeds. Among other things, this option is helpful when using robotic systems where a valid heading angle is needed right at the beginning. Note: Only available in combination with RTK2 activation and dual antenna capable GNSS receiver

Option Multi-CAN: Data output via several CAN channels simultaneously

Note: Separate CAN-2-5 cable is required Not available for ADMA-SPEED and ADMA-Slim

Mounting accessories

Seat rail adapter with ADMA mounting plate
Installation support for ADMA plus data acquisition systems with a quick-installation mounting pole or on-seat adapter
Mounting plate with quick-installation mounting pole
RT-Strut with ADMA mounting bracket