BASt utilises GPS-aided gyro system ADMA for Euro NCAP tests/ADAS

The German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) has, once again, decided to use a GPS-aided gyro system ADMA from GeneSys. By choosing the latest generation of the system to successfully execute Euro NCAP tests, BASt makes full and targeted use of the new ADMA functions: a data output rate of up to 1000 Hz with an unlimited data set, data latency of less than 1 ms and several CAN bus and Ethernet interfaces, but most importantly the ability to measure distances in realtime.

New generation GPS/gyro platform ADMA with an output rate of 1000 Hz

“The integrated DELTA function enables us to carry out measurements with centimeter accuracy between several vehicles in real-time, even when the vehicles contain driving robots from various manufacturers, as is the case in our tests. And this is possible without additional hardware as only a WiFi connection is needed,” explains Dr.-Ing. Patrick Seiniger, BASt scientific assistant from the ‘Active Vehicle Safety and Driver Assistance Systems’ section. “Furthermore, GeneSys provides us with technical support should we need it. Reason enough to choose the solutions from GeneSys again,” Seiniger says.

Centimetre accuracy when measuring the distance or relative angle between several vehicles, e.g. AEB tests

The GPS-aided gyro system ADMA permits a high-precision dynamic measurement of all states of motion of the vehicle. The Automotive Dynamic Motion Analyser (ADMA) is therefore seen as a reference system within the industry. It meets all the requirements of international testing standards and, as a result, is used by renowned automotive manufacturers worldwide for vehicle dynamics testing and ADAS tests.

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