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WiFi-Kit Scope of Delivery

The WiFi-Kit Outdoor is supplied with all the parts needed for use with the ADMA(-DELTA function). Both systems, Accesspoint and Client, come with the same parts shown in the table below. The configuration as accesspoint or client and IP addresses can be found on the label at the device.

Outdoor WiFi unit (Accesspoint or Client)🔵
WiFi omni dual band antenna, N-connector, 6 dbi @ 2,4 GHz, 8 dbi @ 5 GHz🔵
Angled N connector for WiFi antenna🔵
WiFi antenna mounting kit with magnetic base and side window clamp🔵
WiFi Accesspoint Ethernet cable 1 GBit🔵
WiFi Accesspoint PoE injector🔵
WiFi Accesspoint power supply
Pre-configured settings as AP or client🔵
Software Network Device Configurator🔵
🔵 Included
⚪ Optional

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