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IPS Hardware installation

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The IPS needs at least 6 beacons in view of the rover at any time. The most simple installation is a square formation with spacing between the beacons of around 25 – 30 m.

The beacons have four magnets on the bottom side allowing an easy installation on ferrous surfaces. In most of the cases, the IPS gets installed permanently at wall structures, optinal it is possible to place the beacons on tripods.


The rover simulates the GNSS-Antenna and gets mounted at the top of the vehicle or testing device. It is connected to the ADMA, that is mounted in the vehicle. The positioning data of the IPS are calculated in the reference point of the rover and the IMU data in the measurement center of the ADMA. Therefore the offsets between the rover and the ADMA have to get measured and configured in the ADMA web interface. (see Rover to ADMA offsets)

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