Miniaturised GNSS/inertial system for applications with space or weight restrictions

The new fullfledged ADMA-Slim GNSS/inertial system has been specially developed for applications with space or weight restrictions, in order to integrate it into motorcycles, overrunnable platforms for GSTs (Guided Soft Targets) or VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users such as pedestrians or cyclists), for example. It is smaller, lighter and more compact than its predecessor, without limitations in functionality or quality of measurement data.

ADMA-Slim is based on the proven ADMA technology for centimetre accuracy in positional data capture. It delivers precise, smooth and consistent signals even when GNSS reception is poor. The miniaturized GNSS/inertial system is available in three different versions, for the first time as an OEM version as well.

ADMA-Slim has been specially developed for applications with space or weight restrictions. The new GNSS/inertial system is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, with the same functionality and quality of measurement results.

Smaller, lighter, and more compact with the full range of features: this is how
ADMA-Slim is presented alongside its predecessor, ADMA-G-EntryLevel.
Flexible range of application

ADMA-Slim is small, lightweight, and compact. It is, therefore, typically used where space or weight is limited, but where precise motion tracking is still required – for example, for motorcycles, ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles), jet skis, or snowmobiles, but also for applications in overrunnable platforms for GSTs and VRUs (such as pedestrians or cyclists).

In addition, the inertial measurement system is also suitable for vehicle dynamics testing and for ADAS evaluation in general, or specifically in accordance with Euro NCAP or NHTSA test protocols. ADAS functions include, for example, the autonomous emergency braking system (AEB) or the lane support system (LSS).

ADMA-Slim is compatible with all common GVTs, such as here in ABD’s GST
when being used at the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt).
Unlimited compatibility

Due to the new and stricter Euro NCAP requirements for 2018, smaller, lighter, and more compact measurement systems such as ADMA-Slim are required in order to integrate them directly into the remote-controlled soft targets. These are named in the test regulations as GVT (Global Vehicle Target, Euro NCAP) or SSV (Strikeable Surrogate Vehicle, NHTSA).

ADMA-Slim is compatible with all common, overrunnable platforms, such as the GST (Guided Soft Target) from ABD, the UFO (Ultraflat Overrunnable) from DSD, or the 4activeFB from 4a. In order to ensure that, for example, a GST follows a precisely defined route without deviation, extremely precise positional data from a GNSS-corrected inertial system such as the ADMA-Slim are indispensable. The advantage: This combination of a powerful measurement system and an overrunnable platform provides two proven systems that complement each other perfectly. The easy operability with all the familiar features can be used just as before.

ADMA-Slim is available in three versions: a multi-connector and a single-connector 
version (both in waterproof housing) as well as an OEM version.
Powerful technology

The fully-fledged GNSS/inertial system is based on MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers as well as a powerful GNSS receiver. With the standard GNSS measurement method without inertial sensors, a clear view of the sky is essential for a good measurement result. In practice, however, the achievable measurement accuracy is affected by buildings, trees, fences, or vehicles. The inertial measurement unit suppresses signal interference in the case of poor GNSS reception or temporary GNSS signal loss. As a result, ADMA-Slim delivers extremely precise, smooth, and continuous signals even when GNSS reception is poor. The concurrent use of different GNSS systems such as GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, or Galileo significantly improves satellite reception, even on obstructed test routes.

Smaller, lighter, and easy to use: ADMA-Slim has been specially developed for
applications with space and weight restrictions, e.g. in GVTs or VRUs.
Convenient size and variants

With its handy size of 177 mm in length and 130 mm in width, it is only 47 mm high. The compact unit weighs just 1,500 g, while the OEM version without a housing weighs only 300 g. ADMA-Slim is available in three different versions: a standard version with seven Lemo connectors or a single-connector version with a MIL connector. Both variants are installed in a compact, waterproof housing. The third variant is the first OEM version available from GeneSys without housing and can be integrated directly into an existing system.

Ease of use

As with all ADMA systems, the settings can be configured quickly in the Web interface, as it is clearly arranged and easy to use. A further advantage: Once installed, the configuration remains stored. ADMASlim is compatible with all previous ADMA products and can therefore also be combined with the ADMA DELTA calculation. The GeneSys Ethernet Logger software supplied free of charge, can be used to collect data and monitor the system status in real-time.


ADMA-Slim meets the requirements of Euro NCAP and NHTSA international test standards and can therefore be used worldwide for vehicle dynamics measurements and ADAS tests, such as AEB, LSS, and Car-to-Car, and particularly in situations where size and weight matter.

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