ADMA-Micro: GeneSys‘ smallest GNSS-aided inertial navigation system, engineered for maximum performance

The ADMA-Micro is GeneSys‘ smallest GNSS-aided inertial measurement unit (IMU). It measures the 3D position in real-time within an accuracy of 0.01 m (1σ). Based on accelerations and rotation rates, which are also measured, velocities, position angles and heading can be determined. The use of MEMS gyros and accelerometers makes it possible to create a highly accurate, compact and lightweight device. Different structural shape allows choosing the right design for a variety of applications, including vehicles and VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users), construction machines, UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) and robotics. Visitors can get more information at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart on June 13-15, booth no. 8314.

Thanks to over 25 years of GeneSys experience in inertial navigation systems, the ADMA-Micro is a fully-fledged GNSS-aided INS system combined with an advanced Kalman filter for sensor fusion. Data latency is < 1 msec, dual antenna support for highly accurate heading in static and low dynamic conditions or multi GNSS capability for high position reliability are only some of its key features. High flexibility and an embedded webinterface provide quick and individual workflows. A wide range of free software solutions, such as the Data Reader Library for decoding the ADMAnet data stream or the ROS driver, allow an easy toolchain integration.

The ADMA-Micro achieves highly accurate measurements of position, velocity, angles, rotation rates or accelerations of a moving object. The system is small, rugged and low powered, making it ideal for a range of applications including Autonomous Vehicle (AV) operation or ADAS Evaluation such as ACC, FCW, AEB (VRU, Car2Car) and LSS (LDW, LKA). Furthermore it covers applications like Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Tracking, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), Validation of predictive vehicle safety functions like Camera, Radar and Lidar sensors.

ADMA-Micro meets all the requirements of international testing standards and, as a result, is used by renowned automotive manufacturers worldwide for vehicle dynamics testing and ADAS tests.

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