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Moving Base Introduction

In particular for applications on public roads, the use of online RTK2 correction data via NTRIP in real-time could be expensive, unreliable or even impossible.

The Moving Base function allows a distance calculation in post processing between two or more vehicles with a relative position accuracy of +/- 1 cm 1 Sigma – without the need of online or offline RTK correction data. The accuracy will be achieved by combining the pseudo range-, carrier phase- and doppler measurements of the Hunter and Target-ADMA. Post processing requires an ADMA-Raw-Data log only.

A further advantage is that post processing does not require a radio link between the participants. Thus, it saves setup effort, time, and in addition there are no sample losses due to connection breakdowns.

• No online and offline RTK correction data needed
• Only ADMA-Raw-Data log needed
• No radio link between vehicles required and no sample losses by connection breakdowns
• +/- 1cm 1 Sigma relative accuracy
• Multiple ADMA systems can get calculated

Applikationsingenieur | bei GeneSys seit 2014

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