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Usage of the ADMA in combination with Dewesoft

For using the ADMA in combination with Dewesoft it is currently necessary to use the version 2023.3 of Dewesoft.

Note: We currently do not recommend to use the dewesoft ADMA plugin due to plugin performance and function difficulties.

Setup the Ethernet Receiver Plugin

Open the settings in Dewesoft.

Open Devices and add an Ethernet Receiver.

Open the Ethernet Receiver Channel Setup and add an Ethernet Stream. Make sure to select the used Ethernet Interface and enable a default bitrate of 100 Mb/s.

Import the DBC File for the ADMA data stream you want to receive in Dewesoft. Please find the available ADMA data streams in the following list:

• ADMAnet
• Driving Robot
• Add-On Braking
• Add-On Delta 1:1
• Add-On Delta 1:5
• Add-On LatDev

In this guide, we are using the ADMAnet data stream. That is why we use the Dewesoft XML File for the ADMAnet v3.3.4 data format that can be found in the current GeneSys ADMA Suite.

Access the imported data stream setup and ensure the accurate configuration of Source IP, Destination IP, Source Port, and Destination Port. If the configuration is accurate and the ADMA is connected to the same network and actively transmitting ADMAnet data, incoming data will be visible in the lower section.

Check for plausible data. For example have a look on the standstill bit, it should be 1 and turn to 0 when the ADMA is moved.

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