MWD-Compass: Searching for the north while moving

There are no mechanically driven parts in the unit. Therefore the heading can be acquired during the pipe jacking process in addition to the roll and longitudinal inclination: Measurement While Drilling. The device can also be used and adapted for other applications.

ELS-FCE: Autopilot for tunnel boring machines

The method used is based on fuzzy logic. This means that the machine’s control movements can even be calculated for sheet pressing. The knowledge of experienced machine operators has also been incorporated into the development of the controller. The technology is particularly suitable for regulating manually controlled processes (e.g. automatic vehicle control).

ELS: active laser target with CAN-Bus

With the help of this laser target, the height and lateral offset of the machine to the guide laser beam can be measured over long distances. In addition, the course angle, the longitudinal inclination and the roll of the TBM are precisely measured. The machine operator has control over the machine at all times. The ELS is equipped with an additional CAN bus interface.