VRU-Tracking with ADMA-Slim

The challenge

OEM and TIER1 intensively develop suitable safety systems to reduce the number of fatal accidents with vulnerable road users, e.g. pedestrians, cyclists etc. A fast and reliable environment detection and object classification is a big challenge.

For the further development and verification of algorithms for the classification and tracking of objects detected by radar, more and more complex scenarios are required. Therefore, real scenarios should be combined with known objects for referencing.

The ADMA-Slim can be used to track VRU like pedestrians or cyclists easily and with high accuracy.

Easy integration

Equipped with a rechargeable battery and WiFi-Kit, the ADMA-Slim allows easy integration into your measurement setup as it works like any other ADMA system. Via a WLAN connection, the measurement data can be transmitted to a DAQ or, for DELTA calculation, to another ADMA system in real-time. This allows the position tracking of pedestrians or cyclists relative to a moving vehicle.


  • Car to VRU tracking
  • Real-time position tracking of VRU objects
  • Tracking of multi pedestrians and cyclists
  • Distance calculation between moving objects

You can download the technical paper now, on this page, and read it in full!

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