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RSSI Wert bei Satel Funkmodems

RSSI value#

The RSSI signal threshold defines the minimum power level (dBm) for receiving radio signals. Any transmissions below the threshold are ignored by the radio modem.
The larger the absolute value, the weaker the received signal.

-110 dBm is a weaker signal than -90 dBm

The value range is defined as follows:

-80 to -118 dBm

Default value:

-115 dBm

The radio modem shows the RSSI value of the last received message in dBm on the display by default. On top the current RSSI value can be requested via SL-Command locally (SL@R?). The RSSI value can be shown for 7 seconds after receiving the message. After that time span the value is set to zero again.

Reference Values#

70 - 80 dBmstrong signal / very good
80 - 94 dBmsatisfying
> 94 dBmsufficient

Please care that RSSI values are not valid in small rooms because the modems are too close to each other.

SL Command for Reading the Signal Strength#


Configure Continous Signal Strength Output#

  1. Open SATEL Configuration Manager
  2. Enable Add RSSI to data

Now the signal strength should be sent with every output string as RSSI value.

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