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Data Packets GPRMC

The GPRMC is a message of the NMEA standard. The NMEA standard uses a simple ASCII, serial communications protocol that defines how data are transmitted in a "sentence" from one "talker" to multiple "listeners" at a time.

The GPRMC log contains time, date, position, track made good and speed data provided by the GNSS navigation receiver. These messages will be output automatically after a valid almanac.

Example 1 (GNSS)


Example 2 (Combined GPS and GLONASS)


FieldStructureField DescriptionSymbolExample
1$GPRMCLog header$GPRMC
2UtcUTC of positionhhmmss.ss144326.00
3Pos statusPosition status:
A = data valid,
V = data invalid
4LatLatitude (
5Lat dirLatitude direction
N = North,
S = South
6LonLongitude (
7Lon dirLongitude direction
E = East,
W = West
8Speed KnSpeed over ground, knotsx.x0.080
9Track trueTrack made good, degrees Truex.x323.3
10DataDate: dd/mm/yyxxxxxx210307
11Mag varMagnetic variation, degreesx.x0.0
12Var dirMagnetic variation direction E/WaE
13Mode indPositioning system mode indicator,aA
15[CR][LF]Sentence terminator[CR][LF]

NMEA Positioning System Mode Indictor#

EEstimated (dead reckoning) mode
MManual input
NData not valid

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