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CAN Command Message

To start the ADMA measurement mode it is possible to send a CAN-Message. The so called Command Message. Next to main- and sub-command, a starting value for the ADMA yaw angle, as well as a value setting the duration of the pre-alignment phase can be entered.
In (D)GNSS operation, the AutoInit function sets the ADMA yaw angle automatically, so submitting a value via the command-message can be omitted.

CAN Command Messages v1.0#

CMD HCmd and CMD SCmd#

As shown in the data packets chart, the first message is used to issue a command to the ADMA. The command variable is accompanied by fields designated "Initial heading" and "Alignment time".

The commands are:

Start MeasurementCMD_HCmd0x10
Stop MeasurementCMD_HCmd0x10

CMD Start Heading#

The field labelled "Initial heading" can be used to notify the ADMA of the vehicle's initial alignment (value ranging between 0.01° - 360°) if this parameter is known.
If consecutive measurements are performed, the last calculated heading of the ADMA at measurement stop can be used as a start value for the following measurement. To do so, set the initial heading to 0°. The ADMA will use the last calculated heading of predated measurement.

Operation of the ADMA with a DGNSS constitutes a special case.
If the vehicle's speed is sufficiently high, the ADMA heading can be set with the help of the DGNSS data (done by the “AutoInit” function for the ADMA heading). The velocity threshold for the ADMA to set its heading by the AutoInit function is 5 m/s and will only be executed when reached for the first time. Following events during one measurement will be ignored.

CMD Alignment time#

In this field, you can freely specify a pre-alignment time for initialization of measurements. The pre- alignment time is entered in seconds.
Note: the longer the alignment time is, the more precise will the initial conditions be.

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