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Scope of delivery: ADMA-Speed

Inertial Navigation System – ADMA-Speed

ADMA-Speed product is completely supplied including basic cables, GNSS antenna, software and manual. Other components are available, please contact us for more information.

ADMA-Speed control unit🔵
ADMA-Speed sensor unit🔵
ADMA-Speed power cable🔵
ADMA-Speed COM cable
ADMA-Speed CAN1 cable🔵
ADMA-Speed Ethernet cable🔵
ADMA-Speed config cable for internal GNSS🔵
ADMA-Speed GNSS antenna cable and ADMA-Speed IMU cable🔵
Radio modem
Radio antenna with magnetic base and antenna cable
GPRS modem
GPRS antenna with magnetic base and antenna cable
ADMA-Speed Modem connection cable
ADMA-Speed Signal-In cable
ADMA-Speed Signal-Out cable
Technical Documentation, ADMA user manual, Quick Guide Version🔵
Software package for data monitoring and recording, running on Tablet and PC with Windows OS🔵
Hard top transport case🔵
🔵 included in scope of delivery
⚪ optional
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