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ADMA product family

There are three divisions within the ADMA family, which contain several different models. The divisions vary in housing and at the hardware specification. Not all functions described in this Manual are available with ADMA-Speed or ADMA-Slim. Each distinction between ADMA-G, ADMA-Speed and ADMA-Slim is explained in this Manual. Some functions require a license. Therefore, refer to the technical specifications of your inertial navigation system.

Schematic, that shows the different ADMA intertial navigation system types with there different performance levels.
The GNSS aided inertial system product family ADMA

Inertial reference system – ADMA-G

The ADMA-G models differ in performance of the applied inertial sensors. Higher precision sensors are less sensitive to GNSS interference or outages. Our gyro system does not require an export license.
All models are available with variable GNSS accuracy, ranging from simple L1 receivers with meter accuracy to L1/L2 RTK receivers with centimeter accuracy. Likewise, all models are available as single and dual antenna version with optional GNSS systems like GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo etc..
The configuration of all ADMA systems can be done quickly and easily via web browser.

Inertial navigation system – ADMA-Speed

The ADMA-Speed is a inertial navigation system consisting of a GNSS speed sensor with integrated inertial sensors. It is optimized for brake tests. For easy installation, the inertial sensors are integrated in the GNSS antenna. All motion data of the vehicle is calculated by means of the tried and tested ADMA technology. In the BASIC version acceleration, speed and braking distance is transmitted via the CAN and Ethernet interface. ADMA-Speed eliminates the known disadvantages of GNSS speed sensors.
Optionally, ADMA-speed can be expanded to a full-fledged GNSS-aided inertial system with centimeter position accuracy, eg. for vehicle dynamics testing or verification of driver assistance systems.

Inertial navigation system – ADMA-Slim

The ADMA-SIim is a full-fledged GNSS/InertiaI System based on MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers and a high performance geodetic GNSS receiver. Comparing the performance it is similar to our ADMA-G-EntryLevel or ADMA-Speed models. The ADMA-SIim has been designed for applications with space or weight restrictions, e.g. to be integrated in walk-on-able platforms for GSTs (Guided Soft Targets) or VRU (Vulnerable Road User) dummies.
ADMA-Slim is available in three different versions:

  • standard version whit Lemo connectors
  • single connector version whit MIL connector
  • unhoused OEM version
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