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Scope of delivery: ADMA-Slim

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ADMA-Slim LEMO, MIL and OEM product is completely supplied including basic cables, GNSS antenna, software and manual. Other components are available, please contact us for more information.

ADMA-Slim module??
ADMA power cable?
ADMA CAN cable?
ADMA Ethernet cable?
ADMA config cable for internal GNSS receiver?
GNSS patch antenna??
ADMA GNSS antenna cable 20cm??
ADMA GNSS antenna cable 5m??
ADMA MIL cable open end?
Radio modem
Radio antenna with magnetic base and antenna cable
GPRS modem
GPRS antenna with magnetic base and antenna cable
ADMA Modem connection cable
ADMA Signal-In cable
ADMA Signal-Out cable
Technical Documentation, ADMA user manual, Quick Guide Version???
Software package for data monitoring and recording, running on Tablet and PC with Windows OS??
Hard top transport case
? included in scope of delivery
⚪ optional

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