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Connect to ADMA

When the app is launched, it opens up in the Data selection menu. To access the main menu, simply click on the menu stripes. Clicking on Add Connections button will take you to the ADMA Overview, where you can add more ADMA systems.

Note: If multiple ADMA systems are configured, the default IP address cannot be used anymore, as all ADMA systems share the same fallback IP address. Please exercise caution.

Clicking the connect symbol prompts the app to establish a connection with the ADMA. If the ADMA is already in measurement mode, its tab will turn green.

If the ADMA is not in measurement mode, its tab will turn yellow. To initiate the ADMA measurement, simply click the play button. This will launch the measurement guide wizard, which will guide you through the initialization process. If you don’t require this, you may close the wizard.

After establishing a connection to the ADMA you are able to select the data channels to be shown at your measurement overview.

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