Functional Safety in Automotive Applications

Due to the ever-increasing number of electronic systems in cars, the importance of functional safety is also growing. A malfunction for example in an ABS system could result in a dangerous situation. As the international safety standard IEC 61508 is very difficult to apply for automotive applications, the new standard ISO 26262 on functional safety, which has been developed especially for the automotive industry, will come into effect.

To test the controllability of a vehicle for proving the functional safety aspects, according to ISO26262, different driving maneuvers with the simulation of sensor malfunctions are performed. The new FuSi test system from Dewetron DEWE2-A4-ADAS measures all vehicle data, exact positions, and internal data of the ABS/VDC systems during the maneuvers.

To measure the exact position and movement of the vehicle the ADMA (Automotive Dynamic Motion Analyzer)system from GeneSys Elektronik GmbH is used. ADMA combines GPS data with inertial sensors resulting in precision in the range of a few centimeters.

The basis for objective results are synchronized measurement of vastly different data like GPS, high-performance INS/GPS system for motion analysis and precision position measurement, analog sensors (voltage, acceleration, strain, etc.), counter, CAN, FlexRay, ABS/VDC internal data via XCP or even video.

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